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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On the Road with MLPA-MLW Programs

MLPA-MLW presents loon programs statewide. Our MLPA Board members, as well as many of our Loon Rangers and Area Coordinators, bring presentations to many groups, including schools, nature centers, libraries, lake associations, Audubon chapters and public and private events, and more. We can provide a presenter in your area and we would love to visit and share our knowledge and love for Michigan's loons! Please contact us at westhova@ferris.edu or michiganloons.yahoo.com.

Some of our programs are presented along with Wildlife Recovery Association, as we also present live birds that share the loons' habitat. Our loon mount, Mahng, also often accompanies us on presentations.

Above: Joe Rogers and Joanne Williams present at Gaylord Audubon: 1) Showing our loon study skin, Slim, to audience members, and 2) At our host's display table before the presentation.

(photos by Tim Palin)

f you would like to learn more about loons, then you will surely enjoy the excellent DVD by MLPA-MLW's Jeff Lange, "The Uncommon Loon". This beautiful documentary biography of a loon family's season here in Michigan can be ordered for $24 from Jeff or from MLPA's Loon Mercantile. Email Jeff: uncommonloons@gmail.com or Arlene: westhova@ferris.edu. Please visit www.theuncommonloon.com to learn more and for a beautiful preview of this extraordinary film. Jeff is also happy to present programs to interested groups; please contact him for more information.